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andy beckey

    Who the fuck is Andy Beckey?  Although this midwestern punk-rocker may have moved to Nashville years ago, you won’t find him down on Broadway choking the life out of “classic” rock and country covers, and although he may be more Johnny Cash than Joey Ramone, you won’t find him on Music Row cranking out cookie-cutter bro-country bullshit.  But if you wander into the right dirty, dive bar on Friday night, you will get a taste of his brand of “Anarchana”.
   You will hear the dark and gritty songwriting influence of Tom Waits as he growls out some gut-bucket blues and a psycho-billy barrage coming from his guitar that belies his love of the Reverend Horton Heat.  He will certainly entertain you with his twisted sense of humor, and he may even break your heart with some of the high and lonesome sound of a Gram Parsons.  Whatever he does, it’ll feel like you’re riding shotgun in a tanker truck full of Wild Turkey down a mountain road.  And, oh yeah, he cut the brake and lines.


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